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If you had a work injury or a family member was killed at work, contact the workplace injury and wrongful death lawyer, Attorney David A. Sims today. Attorney Sims will handle your work injury or wrongful death claim or lawsuit in West Virginia.

Despite the advances in safety science and workplace security since the Industrial Revolution, the majority of blue-collar workers in the U.S. continue to be threatened with injuries and/or death every workday. The numbers are staggering. Over 3 million work-related injuries were reported last year, 4,585 employees died on the job last year, and 404 were murdered at their place of employment.

OSHA states that workplace deaths have decreased from an average of 38 per day in the 1970s to an average of 12 per day in 2012. This is still an unacceptably high figure when considering that nearly all of the deaths and injuries could have been prevented with proper safety training, equipment, and competent oversight.

Work Injury Claims: Crushed, Burned, or Caught in Machinery, Pulmonary Injuries, and Falls

We represent clients who have suffered a work injury or had a family member killed by:

If you or your loved one are dealing with the aftermath of a work injury or death, let us help. Our compassionate staff will examine the work area, gather police reports, gather information from witnesses, obtain medical records, and record all relevant information to build the best case possible for your work injury or wrongful death claim.

There is no need for you to deal with your employer’s lawyers, insurance companies, or your employer himself. We will handle everything for you so that you can focus on healing and moving on with your life. The law firm of David A. Sims will prepare your claim and obtain the entire amount of compensation for your claim that is allowed by law for your work injury. Call us now: (304) 428-5291.