Has Your Surgeon Abandoned or Used a
Neglected Surgical Instrument in Your Body?

Attorney David A. Sims Helps Victims of Surgical Instrument Neglect and Abandonment

Surgical instruments can be indispensable tools for curing diseases and saving lives, but sometimes they bring nightmares into reality. Surgical instruments may be filthy, defective, dangerous, or even abandoned and sewn up inside of patients’ bodies.

If your surgeon has used a neglected, defective or dangerous surgical instrument on you or abandoned a surgical instrument inside of your body, Attorney David A. Sims can assist you with your medical malpractice claim. Our law practice helps victims of surgical instrument neglect and abandonment to secure financial compensation for damages and losses related to this form of medical malpractice.

Laparoscopic Morcellators, Medical Scopes, and Arthroscopic Shavers

Sometimes medical instruments actually spread disease instead of curing it. One example of surgical instruments that spread cancer is the laparoscopic power morcellators. Surgeons use these devices to perform less invasive hysterectomies or to remove uterine fibroid tumors.

Morcellators are used to pulverize tissue so that it can be removed through small incisions. Unfortunately, when cancerous tissue is present and pulverized in this manner, it is then spread throughout the abdominal cavity where it quickly proliferates and tends to result in a rapid death.

The morcellator’s main manufacturer is currently under investigation by several governmental agencies and the FDA has required that a warning label be placed on the device. However, the device is still in production by several companies and still being used to perform minimally invasive hysterectomies and fibroid removal surgeries.

Modern medical instruments tend to be very complex pieces of machinery. They are expensive to manufacture and they have delicate electronic systems and fragile mechanisms. Therefore, in most cases, they are not disposable and they are also incapable of withstanding the process of being autoclaved or thoroughly cleaned/disinfected without being destroyed.It was recently found that medical scopes used to diagnose and treat pancreaticobiliary diseases were being re-used between patients without being properly sanitized. The scopes carried the highly fatal and antibiotic-resistant “super-bug,” Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). At least two patients have died as a result of this contamination.

Arthroscopic shavers are another type of medical device that commonly transmits contaminated material from one patient to another because they are difficult to decontaminate. Unfortunately, antibiotic resistant bacteria are becoming more prevalent and will continue to pose an increasingly greater threat when medical professionals elect to use medical equipment that is not able to be adequately decontaminated and medical negligence is a part of the equation.

Medical and Surgical Instruments and Materials Abandoned Inside Patients’ Bodies

Shockingly, medical instruments and surgical materials are sometimes actually abandoned inside of patients’ bodies after surgery is completed. During complicated surgical operations, sometimes several dozen to several hundred items are used on the patient. These items can range from sponges to knives to electrical scopes and other surgical devices. They may not cause any problems and may never be discovered. However, in most cases these abandoned medical instruments eventually begin to decay and develop pus and abscesses around them or cause serious damage inside of the body including:

  • Blood Vessel Damage
  • Bowel Blockage
  • Death
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Infections
  • Internal Bleeding
  • Organ Damage
  • Pain
  • Ulceration

These events are completely preventable. However, thousands of victims each year leave the hospital with medical devices and materials left inside of their bodies, which are essentially “ticking time bombs.”

If you have experienced an injury as a result of medical malpractice due to a contaminated surgical instrument or a medical material left inside of your body after a medical procedure, you can trust Attorney David A. Sims to fight for you to receive full, fair compensation for your claim. Call: (304) 428-5291.