Botched Surgery Lawyer in West Virginia

Assistance for Victims of a Botched Surgery on the Wrong Body Part

Modern surgery is being utilized to change lives in a positive way by saving lives that would otherwise be lost. However, sometimes botched surgery results in a bad outcome or death. Although there will always be certain inherent risks involved with any surgery, surgical injuries that cause damage due to medical neglect are not acceptable. Attorney David A. Sims provides assistance for victims who have been injured by a botched surgery & medical malpractice.

Although minor surgical injuries are a relatively common and accepted risk, a competent surgeon will immediately recognize that an error has been made and correct the situation. Sometimes a botched surgery injury occurs that is not recognized, is recognized but not acknowledged and corrected, or is so egregious and against commonly accepted medical practices that it constitutes medical malpractice.

As we move into the future, robotic surgical assistants (such as the da Vinci Surgical Robot) are increasingly being utilized to assist with surgeries and we are seeing some promising results, but we have also noticed increased rates of botched surgery. At this point, no robot can replace the intuition and reasoning capabilities of a highly trained human medical professional.

Botched Surgery Injuries can also include:

  • Surgery Performed on the Wrong Body Part
  • Avoidable Damage or Destruction to Body Parts
  • Surgery Performed on the Wrong Patient
  • The Wrong Body Part or Organ Removed
  • The Wrong Medical Procedure Performed

Punctured Organs, Brain, Nerve, Ureteral, and Positional Injuries

Some types of botched surgery injuries include:

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