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West Virginia residents who receive serious injury from a plane or train accident can rely on the expertise of our local law office to file a personal injury claim. These types of accidents or crashes may not occur daily, but plane and train accidents do occur often enough to bring serious injuries to West Virginia residents. Personal injury lawyer David A. Sims will review your matter to get you the financial compensation you need to recover and move ahead with your life. There are several important areas to consider when you seek to file a claim related to a plane or train accident. 

Injured in a Commercial or Private Airplane or Train Accident?

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Public relations specialists for the aviation industry work hard to convince the general public that flying is a very safe mode of travel. However, in reality an airplane accident is an extremely common event, as shown by the data presented by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Impact of Injuries from Private Aircraft for Personal Aviation

People are utilizing personal aviation craft now more than ever before and we are seeing accident and death rates increase proportionally. Operating an aircraft is an exceptionally expensive endeavor. Pressures come from every direction to take cost cutting steps that save money, but ultimately endanger the safety of aircraft passengers. 

Airplane Accident and Crash Injuries and Fatalities in WV

The FAA releases preliminary accident data in ten-day cycles, and there are generally several dozen accidents each week. Major national media outlets do not typically provide coverage for an airplane accident that they do not consider to be major, dramatic total loss-type tragedies. However, for the individuals and families involved, each airplane accident is a major life altering tragedy that affects each victim in a profound way. For the ten-day period ending June 16, 2015, there were 134 accidents/incidents and 14 fatalities. The list is updated regularly. Our law firm believes that every victim deserves to be justly compensated for his or her losses and injuries. Aircraft accidents may involve: 

  • Air Taxi or Medical Life Flight Helicopters
  • Cargo Planes
  • Gliders
  • Hot Air Balloons
  • Large Commercial Planes
  • Military Planes
  • Personal Aircraft
  • Regional Carriers
  • Sightseeing Helicopters

Commercial Aviation Accidents and Outsourcing Issues

Large Commercial Aviation companies have been outsourcing many of their shorter flights to less experienced pilots, as well. This practice exposes you to an unacceptable increased risk that you did not agree to when you bought your ticket.

Unfortunately, there is little room for error when you are tens of thousands of feet up in the sky. When errors, negligence, or incompetence are involved which result in aviation accidents, the results are usually tragic. An airplane accident may include: 

  • Crashes during Takeoff and Landing
  • Mid-Air Collisions
  • Pedestrian/Aircraft Collisions
  • Pilot Deviations
  • Runway Incursions
  • Taxiing Accidents
  • Total Engine Failures

Contributing Factors to Airplane Crashes in WV

When accidents involve aircraft with an average weight of 100 tons or more, the potential for immense property loss, personal injury, and death is evident. If you have been involved in an aviation accident, theLaw Offices of David A. Sims, PLLC, will investigate alongside forensic experts to determine liability if one or more of the following contributed to the incident:

  • Air Traffic Controller Negligence or Incompetence
  • Aircraft Design Failure
  • Defective Runway
  • Fuel Failure
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Pilot/Crew Incompetence or Error
  • Poorly or Non-Maintained Equipment

Airplane Injury Involving Government Agencies and Insurance Companies

Because most aviation equipment is highly complex and the federal government oversees the aviation industry, investigation includes relevant government agencies. This may take some time and the aviation company may offer you a settlement before completing the investigation. Do not sign any paperwork or talk to anyone regarding the accident unless you contact our law office first. 

Attorney Sims Represents Aviation Victims in WV

Dealing with the uncertainty, pain, financial issues, and emotions following an airplane accident can be extremely challenging. Let us help. We have the knowledge and experience with aviation-related injury matters to get you the fair compensation that you need to recover from your losses and injuries. We can also compassionately assist you with your aviation-related wrongful death case. We represent aviation victims in the Mid-Ohio Valley, North-Central, and nearby vicinities of West Virginia.

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Experienced Railroad Injury Lawyer David A. Sims Serves WV Residents

If you have been injured in a railroad accident in Vienna, WV, or the surrounding areas, call railroad injury lawyer, David A. Sims. He represents injured victims of railroad accidents and gets the full compensation that the law allows for his clients. David knows the leading experts in railroad injury law and will fight to get the compensation you deserve.

Facts on Railroad-Related Injuries from David A. Sims Law Offices

Train crashes and derailments resulting from negligence and poorly trained operators are, unfortunately, more common than most people realize. Trains hauling heavy, flammable materials such as coal and oil are common sights throughout West Virginia.

A motorist is actually 20 times more likely to die from a collision with a train than with another vehicle, which is not surprising since a fully loaded freight train can crush a vehicle just like an aluminum can. Statistics also show a person gets hit by a train about once every hour and a half in this country.

Railroad companies mention safety all the time, but in reality, their engines and freight cars are derailing and spilling toxic chemicals, maiming, and killing people nearly every day. In 2014 alone, there were 2,280 collisions, 267 fatalities, and 832 injuries (from preliminary data).

Train Derailments Cause Environmental Destruction and More

The Mount Carbon derailment and oil spill of early 2015 reminded area residents of the toxic chemical spill that resulted from a similar derailment just a year prior. Fireballs, water contamination, property loss, illness, and death are common results of train derailments due to negligence. Poorly marked crossings, negligent maintenance, conductor error, and poorly maintained equipment are common causes of railroad accidents.

Employee training may be inadequate, as well. The railroad injury lawyer, David A. Sims has vast experience handling claims against large railroad companies whose negligence and liability directly led to injuries for our clients.

Call David A. Sims to File Claim for Damages After a Railroad Accident

Lawyer David A. Sims has experience with many types of injury claims. Some of the claims for injuries that you can trust us to settle for you include:

  • Driver or Passenger in a Vehicle Hit by a Train
  • Injuries from Commuter Train Crashes
  • Pedestrians Hit by Trains
  • Railroad Employee (FELA) Injury Claims

After you experience a loss or injury as a result of a railroad accident, consult with an experienced railroad injury lawyer at the Law Offices of Attorney David A. Sims, PLLC, as soon as possible. Claimants typically only have six months from the date of a railroad accident to file a claim against a railroad company. We work hard to help you receive fair compensation for your claim. Call (304) 428-5291.