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Taxi, Train, Airplane, Truck, Cruise Ship, or Bus Accident

Attorney David A. Sims Can Help Get Compensation for Your Injury

If you or a member of your family sustain injury or death as a passenger of public transportation, while riding a taxi cab, passenger train, bus, airplane, truck, or cruise ship, you may be able to get compensation. Call Attorney David A. Sims to review and file for injury claim or accidental death.

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File a Personal Injury Claim in WV for Loss, Pain, and Wrongful Death

Contact Attorney David A. Sims for more details regarding how our law office will help you file your injury claim or lawsuit. We can represent you to get financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other factors for your bus accident. Our law office can also assist with injury claims if you were injured or your family member was killed as a pedestrian by a public transportation operator.

Public Transportation Providers Bear Responsibility for Safety

Public transportation providers, a.k.a. common carriers, are responsible for transporting members of society to their destinations safely and securely. They must adhere to strict rules regarding their safety practices and ability to perform the task. Any negligence while conveying public riders will place liability directly on the operator. Operators of public transportation are fully responsible for the safety of their riders as they are boarding, while they are riding, and upon exiting, as well. 

Types of Common Carriers in Public Transportation

Public transportation methods that are considered common carriers include:
  • Airplanes
  • Buses
  • Cruise Ships
  • Passenger Trains
  • Taxi Cabs
  • Trucks

Violations of Public Transportation Vehicle Safety and Maintenance

Entities operating common carrier vehicles should inspect and maintain taxis, trains, airplanes, trucks, cruise ships, and buses according to regular schedules. Any unsafe vehicles should be removed from service immediately. Operators with previous convictions for driving under intoxication or drug abuse should not operate common carrier vehicles. Companies who do not follow these and other regulations set forth by their regulating authority may be liable for your loss or injury. Even without the regulations, your common carrier should always operate with a high degree of diligence and with the utmost care and best interests of his passengers in mind at all times.

Injury or Death Claims Against Public Transportation Operators

If an injury or death occurs during the following situations, you may have a claim against the owner and/or operator of the transportation vehicle:
  • Allowing a Passenger to Board or Depart in an Unsafe Manner or Location
  • Collision with another vehicle, object, or person
  • Entrapment
  • Erratic Driving
  • Negligent Operation of Any Moving Components of the Vehicle

Cases of Provider Neglect Resulting in Serious Injury and/or Death

If you or a loved one experience neglect and/or death at the hands of a public transportation provider or in a bus accident, the law firm of David A. Sims can help you recover your losses and obtain just compensation for your injuries, pain, suffering, or death of a loved one. We will work relentlessly to get you the justice that you deserve. We will:

  • Examine Inspection and Maintenance Records
  • Expose Negligence per se
  • Obtain photographs of the vehicle(s) and landscape, road, waterways, etc. in question
  • Present Expert Witness Testimony, if necessary
  • Record Eyewitness Testimony
  • Representation for Transportation Victims Injured in West Virginia

David A. Sims Offers Legal Services for Bus Accident Victims

Our law firm provides legal representation for victims injured in a West Virginia bus accident and many other forms of public transportation. We will perform a comprehensive examination of all aspects of the accident and get you the compensation that you need to get your life back in order. Call Attorney David A. Sims today to discuss your case: (304) 428-5291 or toll-free: (866) 534-6583