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David A. Sims Represents Nursing Negligence Victims in Vienna, WV

Nursing negligence can be devastating or fatal for patients who place their trust in the care of the trained medical professionals who sometimes fail them. Although errors are common, this does not absolve responsibility for the errors. Nurses have proper training and we expect them to function well in their fast-paced, stressful work environments. If there is nursing negligence, it may be a matter of medical malpractice. Attorney David A. Sims in Vienna, WV, represents victims injured by nursing negligence. Contact our law office if you believe that you or a loved one is a victim of injury due to nursing errors.

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Understanding the Signs of Nursing Negligence

Nursing negligence is just as severe as doctor negligence. Medical personnel are to be free of distractions and ready to perform skillfully at all appropriate times. Some types of nursing negligence include: 

  • Allowing Distractions to Disrupt a Medical Procedure
  • Failure to Check Patient Status Every Hour
  • Failure to Decontaminate/Disinfect
  • Failure to Remind Peers and Superiors to Correct Neglectful Practices
  • Failure to Rotate Immobile Patients
  • Falls
  • Failure to Verify Patient Identity
  • Failure to Confirm Absence of Reactions/Allergies
  • Failure to Confirm Diagnosis
  • Neglecting to Update Medication List
  • Neglecting to Record All Health Information, Medications Given, Actions, Changes in Health/Medications/Doctor’s Orders
  • Neglecting to Confirm Accurate Height and Weight
  • Medication Errors
  • Neglect of Patient Body, Bedding, and Medical Device Hygiene/Aseptic technique
  • Neglecting to Have Patient Feel Comfortable Making Requests
  • Poor Hand Hygiene/Sterile Procedures

Nursing Errors May Result in Corrective Actions

It is normal and human to make errors. If a nurse makes an error, they must disclose it to the supervisor immediately. The supervisor can take necessary corrective actions, and mitigate damage. Victims face limited or prevented injuries, damages, and losses if disclosed immediately. However, the longer a situation continues without disclosure or correction, the more likely that the outcome will be increasingly negative. If the situation is severe enough, it is time to consider gross negligence.

Trust Attorney David A. Sims to Represent Your Malpractice Case

If nursing negligence has caused an injury for you or your loved one, we can help. We will discover what went wrong and whether your case involves negligent medical malpractice. If so, we will fight to get you all of the legal compensation that you need to recover and get on with your life. Call attorney David A. Sims for a free initial consultation to discuss your claim at (304) 428-5291, or toll free at (866) 534-6583.