Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect in West Virginia

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Nursing home abuse ocurs throughout West Virginia. Nurses provide vital auxiliary medical services alongside physicians, surgeons, and other highly trained medical professionals. The medical system depends on nurses to perform some of the tasks that were previously only performed by medical doctors.

Now, with less than one third of the training of medical doctors and with several times as many patients to care for, nurses are the main medical services providers for the majority of patients seeking care in the US today. If you or a family member has been victimized by nursing home abuse or neglect in West Virginia, choose the experienced legal representation of Lawyer David A. Sims.

Nursing Home Abuse: Elder Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Beatings, and Murder

Alongside the ever increasing work loads of nurses, nursing abuse and neglect are becoming more and more common in hospitals and medical centers across the country. Nurses have enjoyed a reputation as caring, compassionate individuals in the past, but recent events have some people wondering if that reputation is universally deserved. Constant reports of elder abuse, sexual abuse, beatings, and murder of patients at the hands of nurses have shocked the country:

Neglect: Assistance and Communication Failure, Patient Neglect, and Inadequate Attention

Unfortunately, neglect is also an issue that some patients face. Neglect and inadvertent errors are abundant. Some types of issues that contribute to or exemplify nursing home abuse & neglect include:

  • Failure to Clarify Directions, Medication Information, and Communications
  • Failure to Collaborate and/or Offer Assistance
  • Inadequate Rest and Attention to Details
  • Inadequate Staffing
  • Inadequate Training
  • Neglect of Patient Care (Hygiene, Bandage Changes, Bed Sores, etc.)

Additionally, nurses should always be vigilant and take necessary steps to prevent patient falls, infections, check and double check, keep thorough documentation, inspect equipment, medication, and materials for adequacy and accuracy, and avoid fatigue.Nursing home abuse and neglect can take many forms and both are very common in the medical system and are the cause of numerous injuries and deaths.

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