Car Accident Lawyer Representing
Injured Accident Victims in West Virginia

Car Accident Lawyer, David A. Sims Helps West Virginia Residents Settle Injury Claims

The office of David A. Sims is a personal injury law firm representing injured motor vehicle victims in northwestern West Virginia (including the Mid-Ohio Valley and North-Central regions). We are the right choice for a car accident lawyer, providing representation for clients who have been victims of careless and reckless drivers. Car accident lawyer, David A. Sims represents the injured clients of most automobile accidents, from minor to severe. Our law firm helps residents of West Virginia satisfactorily settle their motor vehicle injury claims and get on with their lives. Let us help you!

Our goal is to get you the largest fair settlement possible according to your injuries, financial/property losses, and pain and suffering -and we won’t stop until we are successful. If necessary, we will file to have your case heard at trial so that you will receive a fair settlement that will cover your past and future medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering compensation, etc. that the law states that you are entitled to. You need the experienced car accident lawyer.

Be Aware of the Underhanded Tactics of Insurance Companies

Insurance companies sometimes use underhanded tactics in immoral attempts to get you to waive your legal rights and sign off on settlements that are unfair and that will leave you destitute years down the road. You need to be aware of these tactics. You need a smart, tough, car accident lawyer to protect you from insurance companies!

Although financial considerations, car repairs, and medical bills tend to dominate the thoughts of motor vehicle accident victims in the first few weeks following the incident (and insurance companies know this and try to exploit your need for quick cash), it is very important to remember that when you are a victim of a serious auto accident, there will be further consequences in the coming years that are likely to affect your future earning capabilities, as well as your physical and mental health. These effects can literally destroy your life if you are unprepared for them financially.

You can trust the car accident lawyer of David A Sims Law Firm to hold the negligent driver and his insurance company fully responsible for the damages caused.

What Should I Do After an Accident?

A question that we frequently hear at our law firm is: “What Should I do After an Accident?” It is helpful to prepare for the worst possible situation and keep a copy of the following common sense suggestions in your glove box. The time immediately following an accident can be confusing. Some of the things that you should do immediately after an auto accident include:

  • ALWAYS Request a Copy of the Accident Report from Law Enforcement Officials (no matter how minor you think the accident was)
  • Exchange Insurance, Driver’s License, and Tag Information with the Other Driver
  • Record the Make and Model of the Car, Time of Day, & Weather
  • Seek Medical Assistance as Necessary
  • Take Photographs of the Damage and Position of Both Cars, Close Ups of the Road Surface, and the Surrounding Roads and Landscape
  • Gather Contact Information from Passengers, Witnesses and Investigating Officers

Make a copy of these suggestions and keep it in your vehicle, along with the phone number for Car Accident Lawyer, David A. Sims.
Call our office as soon as possible after the accident for a free confidential informational consultation: (304) 428-5291.