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Medical Malpractice Clients in Fairmont WV

Medical Malpractice at Fairmont General Hospital: Acceptable Risks vs. Medical Negligence

If you have been injured due to medical malpractice at the Fairmont General Hospital or under the care of any doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, counselor, or licensed medical professional, our law practice can assist you with your claim for damages. We know the difference between acceptable risks vs. medical negligence and we will apply our expertise to your case in order to settle your financial claim as soon as possible. If the responsible insurance company or entity refuses to acknowledge responsibility, our legal professionals will file a lawsuit on your behalf so that you will be able to collect every cent that is owed to you for your personal injury or liability claim.

Birth Injuries and Infant Deaths in Fairmont WV

If your baby suffered injuries during birth or died during or shortly after birth as a result of medical negligence or malpractice, let our legal experts assist you with your claim. We will make sure that we obtain all of the financial compensation that the law mandates for birth injuries and infants deaths. It is necessary to pursue financial compensation to properly care for the lifetime of medical expenses for infants who suffer from the disabling and/or crippling effects of injuries during birth due to incompetence and neglect.

Medical Errors, Accidents, and Mining Company Injuries and Wrongful Death Claims

We also represent medical malpractice claims for surgical, medication, and nursing errors, medical and nursing neglect, and injuries from surgical instruments and abuse. The law firm of David A. Sims will assist you with your motor vehicle, railroad, or aviation accident (including SUV rollovers) and workplace accidents and wrongful death claims of all types. Mining companies have a long history of neglecting their employees and the environment. If you or a loved one have suffered a personal injury or wrongful death that a mining company may be liable for, do not delay to contact us regarding your claim. We will help you collect financial compensation for your serious injuries as soon as possible.

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