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Car Accident Victims Need a Trustworthy Personal Injury Lawyer

Motor vehicle accident victims need a strong, trustworthy personal injury lawyer to handle insurance claims and other factors that play into an accident. Those involved in car accidents in Mannington, WV, can trust Attorney David A. Sims to handle their personal injury matter. Victims need time to recover, and it can be difficult to do so when dealing with medical bills, insurance companies, time away from work, and possible funeral costs. Call the Law Offices of David A. Sims, PLLC, today at (304) 699-1612 for a free consultation. If we accept your case, trust that our team will fully investigate the scene and any evidence to find the liable party and ensure that you are rightly compensated.

Fight Back After an Oil and Gas Truck Accident with David A. Sims

Oil and gas truck accidents are becoming more and more common on Route 50. If you or a loved one are the victim of an oil or gas truck accident in Mannington, WV, trust David A. Sims to fight for your right to compensation. Large oil and gas corporations do not always keep up with tuck maintenance, and drivers are constantly working long, tiring hours. Hold the negligent party responsible by trusting an experienced personal injury attorney.

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David A. Sims Handles SUV Rollovers in Mannington, WV

SUV rollovers cause devasting injuries and death to drivers and passengers. David A. Sims represents SUV rollover victims in Mannington, WV, and the surrounding areas. In some cases, the manufacturer may be at fault for any injuries because of weak roofs. In order to find the liable party, it is best to seek the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Trust David A. Sims to handle your SUV rollover case, and serve justice to the victims.

Find Hope After a Mannington-Area Tractor-Trailer Accident

Tractor-trailer accidents cause great devastation to victims and families. Common causes of tractor-trailer accidents include distracted driving, poor road conditions, truck malfunctions or poor maintenance, and fatigued or ill-trained drivers. Tractor-trailer accident victims and their families can contact the Law Offices of David A. Sims, PLLC, for a free consultation. Allow us to help you in your fight for proper compensation and justice in Mannington, WV, and the surrounding areas.

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