Electrocuted at Work or on the Job Site in West Virginia

Attorney David A. Sims Represents the Family of Victims Electrocuted at Work

If your family member has suffered and died from being electrocuted at work or on the job site in West Virginia, contact wrongful death workplace accident expert Attorney David A. Sims. Attorney Sims represents the family members of victims who have been electrocuted at work. Our law firm can also represent victims who have suffered serious injuries as a result of nearly being electrocuted at work.

We offer you our deepest sympathy for your loss. Since we are, unfortunately, unable to give you what you really want (your loved one back in your arms), we pledge to go after all of the money that the law allows for your wrongful death claim orlawsuit caused by being electrocuted. Electrocution is the fifth leading cause of death according to the NIOSH National Traumatic Occupational Fatalities (NTOF) surveillance system and is number 3 in OSHA’s “Fatal Four” causes of death in construction work.

High Voltage Electricity at Construction and Industrial Sites Causes Burns and Electrocution

The use of high voltage electricity is widespread and it tends to be present at readily accessible levels at construction and other industrial sites. High voltage lines are omnipresent overhead where contact with ladders and other large metallic objects can cause instant death.

High voltage electrical lines are also present underground in the form of buried utility lines that may be accidentally dug up by heavy machinery (that consists mainly of metallic parts). Temporary electrical lines may also be strewn along the ground. Lines can be throughout structures where they may make direct contact with the human body and cause devastating electrical burns and electrocution.

Some common causes of electrical injuries, burns, and to be electrocuted include:

  • Damaged/Defective Power Tools, Appliances, & Devices
  • Defective Safety Equipment/Grounding
  • Exposure to High Voltage Electrical Lines
  • Poorly Insulated or Exposed Bare Wiring
  • Short Circuiting

Workers who are exposed to potentially deadly electrical currents may not even be aware of the immense dangers that they face on a daily basis. The responsibility for maintaining electricity in a safe manner at the job site is that of the power company, contractor, and the building owner. The manufacturer of electrical equipment is also responsible for ensuring that the equipment can be safely handled in its intended environment. All power lines and tools must have properly functioning and intact safeguards, as well.

Learn more about electrical safety from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or death as a result of being electrocuted, call Attorney David A. Sims for a free initial consultation. We will discuss your claim and get you the full legal amount of compensation for your injury or loss.

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