Wrongful Death Claims in Clarksburg and Bridgeport, WV

David A. Sims Represents Families of Industrial Accident Victims

An unexpected deaths is hard to handle, especially when a negligent party causes it. If your loved one has died in an industrial accident or due to a negligent employer, it is crucial to fight back to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. Call the Law Offices of David A. Sims, PLLC, at (304) 699-1612 right away to discuss your wrongful death claim and go over your options in Clarksburg, WV. David A. Sims will find the proper evidence and fight for justice for your family.

Infant Wrongful Death Claims in Clarksburg, WV

Infant deaths are a heartbreaking, gut-wrenching time for families. If your infant dies due to medical negligence in Clarksburg, WV, seek legal assistance by David A. Sims. He will fight vigorously to hold the negligent party accountable, and ensure that your family is rightly compensated for medical bills, loss of companionship, and funeral expenses.

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Seek Compensation After an Electrocution Death in Bridgeport, WV

Those who survive an electrocution face lifelong injuries, pain, and suffering. If you or a loved one have been injured or killed after a workplace electrocution in Bridgeport, WV, allow Attorney David A. Sims to handle your case. While compensation does not change the past, it will help victims and families to cover medical expenses, funeral costs, and other damages.

David A. Sims Offers Representation for Fall Injuries and Deaths

Falls are one of the most common forms of injury. Whether you trip over a loose rug, or slip on an unmarked wet floor, it is best to seek compensation for injuries or death that was due to negligence. When you choose David A. Sims to handle your premises liability claim, he will investigate the scene and find proper evidence to prove that the property owner was negligent. Do not try to handle the situation on your own, and contact the Law Offices of David A. Sims, PLLC, for a personal injury or death claim in Clarksburg, WV.

Seek Justice After an Oil or Gas Truck Accident on Route 50

As the oil and gas industry grows, so does the amount of oil and gas trucks on Route 50. If your loved one was the victim of an oil and gas truck accident in Clarksburg or Bridgeport, be sure to speak with David A. Sims right away, especially if the accident was due to negligent driving.

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