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Call David A. Sims After a Death Due to Negligence

David A. Sims represents families after a wrongful death takes place. Any unexpected death takes a great emotional and financial toll on families. The following incidents may constitute a wrongful death claim:

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Seek Justice for Electrocution Deaths in Philippi, WV

When employers do not follow safety regulations or standards for equipment, employees may fall victim to electrocutions. If your loved one has died from an electrocution in Philippi, WV, call on the assistance of David A. Sims. He will fight tirelessly to hold the employer or company accountable for their lack of concern for employees.

If you believe that your workplace has safety violations, report them as soon as possible to avoid harm or death of you and your coworkers. Employees can make reports confidentially, and may file a retaliation claim if they feel they need to do so.

Wrongful Death Claims for Auto Accident Victims in Barbour County

If your loved one was killed by a negligent party in an auto accident in Barbour County, contact David A. Sims to see if your case qualifies for a wrongful death claim. Along with the loss of their loved one, affected families face medical expenses, funeral costs, and insurance claims. Do not try to handle everything on your own, and trust Attorney David A. Sims to fight for your right to proper compensation and to hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

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