Have You Been Injured in a SUV Rollover Crash in West Virginia?

Attorney David A. Sims Represents SUV Rollover Crash Victims

If you have been injured in a SUV rollover crash in West Virginia, Attorney David A. Sims will recover damages for your medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering that you have experienced. Attorney Sims represents SUV rollover crash victims and holds the manufacturers and other liable parties responsible for their negligence and incompetence that contributed to your injuries and losses.

Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are among the most accident-prone automobiles on the road today. Their poor design (untenable high center of gravity and narrow wheel base) combined with the propensity of their owners to load them to maximum capacity with gear of all types (at the encouragement of the manufacturer) is a recipe for disaster.

When SUV Roofs are Crushed, the Manufacturer Tends to be at Fault

To make matter worse, SUV manufacturers (despite being aware of the high rollover risk), continue to refuse to add protective rollover bars to the designs of these SUVs. Therefore, when they are involved in accidents, the roofs tend to be crushed (which results in severe injuries and sometimes death for occupants of these vehicles). The IIHS does tests to determine roof strength and the results are frequently dismal.

The listing of vehicles most prone to rollover crashes from 2004 shows that these manufacturers were aware of the dangers of their vehicles for over a decade, but chose (in many cases) to continue producing SUVs with negligently dangerous designs.

When rollover accidents result in crushed roofs, the at-fault party tends to be the automobile manufacturer, because the roof was not made strong enough to support the vehicle. Some liability may also belong to the driver of the SUV in certain circumstances. Our law office has the experience and expertise to determine where to place liability.

Vehicles have safety-tested weight limits and it is up to each vehicle owner to be aware of the carrying capacity and not exceed that limit. If you have been involved in an accident involving an SUV, we can determine whether or not that vehicle was loaded beyond its safe hauling capacity, as well.

You can learn more about SUV rollover crashes and how to avoid them at this website, courtesy of the NHTSA.

The Law Offices of David A. Sims, PLLC is aware of the manufacturing defects that lead to SUV accidents and we will investigate and present evidence to place liability with the vehicle operator or manufacturer as appropriate to secure fair compensation for you.

The following types of devastating injuries (and death) are common in rollover type crashes:

Head Injuries

Loss of Limbs


Traumatic Brain Injury

Nearly all people who are involved in rollover crashes who are not wearing seat belts (and who are thrown from the vehicle) die. We cannot stress how important it is to wear your seat belt every time that you get into a vehicle.

If you or a loved one have experienced a loss, injury, or death as a result of an SUV rollover accident, contact the law office of Attorney David A. Sims today.

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