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Medical Malpractice at Roane General Hospital

If you or your family member have been victimized by medical malpractice (including birth injuries/deaths, damage from surgical instruments/surgical errors, medical or nursing negligence, abuse, or medication errors) at the Roane General Hospital or at the hands of any private practice doctor, nurse, or other medical professional, contact our law office right away. We will fully investigate your claim, gather evidence, and get you all of the compensation that you will require to move on with your life.

Workplace and Industrial Accidents in Roane County

Our law firm specializes in representing workers injured in workplace and industrial accidents in Roane County. If your land has been contaminated by the byproducts of negligent fracking operations and you have suffered injuries, we can advise you on how to proceed in such a situation, as well. The coal mining, oil, and fracking industries are historically rife with OSHA violations, willful negligence, major catastrophes, fires, drowning, explosions, and land contamination. The list of injuries and deaths is extensive.

If you or a loved one have been victimized or killed at work due to a mining accident (including explosions, mine collapses, and drowning), violations of OSHA standards, a transportation mishap, electrocution, industrial accident, or other negligence, contact the office of Attorney David A. Sims as soon as possible. Our staff will work to gather all of the relevant information quickly (before witnesses disappear, the liable party has a chance to alter the scene, and before the statute of limitations expires).

Motorcycle, Tractor Trailer, and Motor Vehicle Accidents in Roane County

Interstate 79 has been the site of many horrific vehicle accidents over the years. With the increased heavy truck traffic from the booming WV fracking industry, we have seen an increase in both the number and severity of the crashes. If you have been injured in a motorcycle, tractor-trailer, or motor vehicle accident in Roane County, contact our law office immediately. We can represent you in your SUV rollover claim, railroad, or aviation accident as well.

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